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Schools are a point of contact for many people, including students, teachers, and their visitors. The importance of cleanliness in school reaches beyond the way things look, and it can have a real impact of the quality of the student’s education. It has also shown relation to heightened educational success and achievement of positive prospect to the schools. Schools are known to be the hub for many germs and bacteria, which can be highly harmful to all individuals promoting the spread of communicable diseases. We firmly believe a clean and hygienic environment, brings out happiness and productivity in teachers, children, and their visitors.

We are able to clean schools and educational bodies of all sizes including nurseries, pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and other academies. Regardless of the sizes, a high standard of cleaning is a crucial factor. From our initial visit and assessment, we tailor our plans to tick off each aspect of your needs and requirements with our well-trained staffs. Our cleaning rotas are discussed and designed to be flexible and accordingly to  the timings of your institutions, to make sure minimum disturbances.

We also place a great value on child protection and ensure that all our staffs are well-versed about their job role and hold a DBS certificate to ensure full security. To ensure maximum safety, we also encourage and promote COVID-19 vaccinations and relevant guidelines to our cleaners to protect themselves and their surroundings.

We provide fully DBC checked cleaning staffs. All our cleaners undergo a strict recruitment procedure (interviewed, trained under supervision, and fully vetted).

Our School Cleaning Includes:

  • Regular cleaning during school term
  • Communal area and reception area cleaning
  • Antiviral disinfection (sanitisation)
  • End of term school deep cleaning
  • End of school year deep cleaning
  • After renovation cleaning

What can we clean in school?

  • Reception areas
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Lecture and seminar rooms
  • Assembly hall, auditoriums
  • Wide spaces including sports halls
  • Fitness and leisure centre and gym halls
  • Offices & staff rooms
  • Student lounges
  • Toilet’s facilities
  • Dining centres and canteen including serving areas.
  • Speciality rooms including computer rooms, science rooms and music rooms etc

We can supply your school with several janitorial supplies and consumables. We use safe cleaning products; and can use other products upon request to suit your requirements, for example allergens. Get in touch today to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke cleaning schedule to match your needs and budget. Email our team on

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