Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services, and our team will be more than happy to go through your requirements. Thank you!

We are available Monday to Sunday, to ensure that we are available to resolve your needs/queries related to our new or existing cleaning services.

Yes, we are fully insured.

Our recruitment procedure are strictly designed to ensure that we recruit individuals well-suited for the job. We ensure to check the relevant documents including their ID, ability to work in the UK, proof of address etc. They will also undergo a DBS check and Reference Check, which will ensure full security to our clients.

Please have a look at the services you wish to undertake, and you can contact us via phone, email or through our contact form about your requirements.

Yes, we can make an arrangement to pick up your property keys at a specified location and bring them back to the selected locations. We aim to be as flexible as possible for our clients. Our cleaners are fully vetted and can hold keys. There is a key receipt form, which will be sent to clients and our cleaners are able to sign this.

The working schedule of our cleaners are flexible, in order to give our clients maximum support around the clock.

This is not always the case, in fact clients are able to give us as many details about the property and what the cleaning requirements are. Based on this, our team can give you a rough estimation of the service cost.

We accept credit/debit card payments and back transfers. We also accept PayPal.

Please let us know 24 hours before the session, or a cancellation charge applies.

We do not bind our clients to any type of contracts, our clients can change the frequency of cleaning visits by simply getting in touch with this. There is no obligation to arrange all your cleaning visits in one go, you can arrange and set as you wish and whenever you need our support.

Yes, but on different occasions, the cleaners may be different as a reason of their pre-set schedule.

Yes, they are flexible to an extent, they will be well-informed about your requirements and the criteria of cleaning depending on the premise. We are not able to do any work outside your premises, such as gardens, patio, gutters, or windows. Our cleaners are able to move light furniture however they will not be able to move large furnitures.

Our cleaners are ensured and encouraged to arrive at the agreed time, however due to unexpected situations (including traffic), you will be informed at these situations immediately. Please feel free to contact us, if you need to know about the timings of our cleaners.

This fully depends on the availability of our cleaners at your desired location, we can come today or tomorrow. Please contact our team and they will let you know about the available times.

Upon request, we can provide you a replacement to ensure that you a fully satisfied with our service.

There will be no extra cost, we ensure that all costs are compromised within the prices we deliver to our clients.

This depends on the premises and the cleaning requirements of our clients. Usually, 1 cleaner is enough however, for larger and complex cleaning sessions we will allocate the suitable numbers of cleaners.

This can be harder, as the cleaners will also have other clients and a pre-set timetable. We advise our clients to keep to the fixed time and day if possible. However, a few cleaners can have their shift rotas changed to accommodate to your needs.

No, you will only need to pay for the hours of the cleaning session.

Please ensure that you inform us about any changes as soon as possible, for us to adjust any payment terms and inform the respective cleaners.

There are 2 options we are able to provide to our clients; either we can provide cleaning materials, or our cleaners can utilise the cleaning materials provided by the clients.

Absolutely not, we do not have any hidden charges and our prices will be transparent to our clients. There will be some cases, in which additional charging including congestion charges etc, which clients will be well-informed prior to the service.